Why Should I Go Solar?

Good for the planet and your wallet.

Solar energy is a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way for homeowners and businesses to get their power. The energy created is clean, safe, and simple. Going solar can give your family or business immediate cost savings as well as ownership in your own power source.

Incredible Growth of Solar

2/3 of all US solar installations came online during 2014 and Q1 of 2015. That means 66% of all solar was added in one year and 3 months.

The time is now.

With technology use increasing, and power consumption at an all-time high, energy costs are constantly on the rise. Investing in your energy future now is the best way to avoid rising utility costs and add value to your home or business. It’s the perfect time to go solar. By choosing to go green, you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint without the hassle of changing your lifestyle or increasing your monthly budget. Affiliate Solar offers flexible programs for qualifying customers, that even include no money down.

Affiliate Solar made the process easy. I was able to get solar with no money out of pocket and I’m eliminating my electricity bill which saves me $81,085 over the lifetime of my system.

Marc B., Santaquin, UT

I chose to go with Affiliate Solar because of the customer service and the savings. Even being a contractor myself, I was not able to do the work any less expensive myself. The numbers just penciled out and the savings was there

Weston Monroe

I am so happy with my solar! I’m saving over $100 a month. I am Especially glad to have the peace of mind that I won’t be getting any more huge surprise bills in the winter and summer.

Alfred Santos

Affiliate Solar is very professional and offered me a great service. I’m very please with my solar installation experience and became an Affiliate with them so I can offer solar to others. It feels good to know that my clients will have a great experience as well

Gabriel Ocampo

I was so pleased with how smooth the process was to get my panels installed. It’s exciting to save money! I can’t believe I get free electicity for a year and I didn’t pay anything up front. Affiliate Solar set us up with a great program!

Larry Caballero